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The Broge Family and our Relations... is an outgrowth of one member of one Broge clan. Since the inception of this website, I have learned that there are many who share the last name, although they may prounounce it differently. To hear how my family pronounces the name, click this icon: link to WAV file. I can tell you, having a difficult to pronounce last name is great for screening everything from bill collectors to telemarketers to Jehova's Witnesses. Variety is the spice of life!

Currently I am working on the family tree starting from what I know and what I have been told over the years. It's not just Broges that are featured here in the family section of the site, though. My father's sister, Anne, has a different last name: Gomez. These folks are part of my family, as are my mother's kin - most of whom go by the surname of France. So you see, we are many and varied, just as are most families. There is an entry in the Guestbook from Nancy Trosin Grubbs, who found some interesting reading here.

Below, you will find links to the individual sub-sections regarding the family as I know it. Birthdays, anniversaries, history - whatever I can find. If you belong somewhere in these pages and I've missed you, tell me!

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