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Diversion (d -vûr zh n, -sh n, d -):
     Something that distracts the mind and relaxes or entertains.

That definition is the statement of purpose for this section. Here, all the things that really have no proper place have a home. This includes humor, inspirational things, and whatever else fits the definition of a vagabond. To be honest, one of the hardest things about a personal website is the fact that you have to organize all these little bits of miscellany into a sensible structure. I have gotten better at this over the past few years (really!) so now there is a starting point for these things. They do not truly belong in my personal section, nor anyone else's, so I grouped them all together.

Surely you are not interested in reading all of that nonsense, so let us just get straight to the point, shall we?

Places to go in this section:


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