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Hank and Vera

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The Broges are founded on a strong family built by Hank and Vera. Hank and Vera married in the year 1964.

Follow this link if you'd like to hear more about the 'founding father and mother' of the current generation that bears the Broge name.



Kate is the oldest of us Broge kids. Currently working for Provident Bank, centered in Cincinnati, she earns her keep doing something like project management. Basically, she gets paid to keep everybody in line, make sure everything happens on time and within budget, and just generally “know it all” about the projects she’s involved in. Guess that "because-I’m-the-big-sister-and-I’m-the-boss” attitude from her younger years prepared her for her current career choice, hmmm? ;)

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Maria is the only Broge to not be a Broge...since she is now married to David Wiedwald. They have three kool kids, Ryan, Aaron and Lauren. Maria was born in the year 1968, on August 21. I don't remember exactly when they married but don't mention it to her. Chances are she's not looking at this stuff anyway.

She is currently a full time mom, having resigned from her previous employer (NCR) to concentrate on her kids. How many people do you know that are fortunate enough to get away with THAT? Follow this link to learn more about the middle Broge.



Mark, the youngest, was born in 1972 on October 24 and today suffers psychological scars from being the youngest and the only boy in the Broges. Adam, his son, will suffer the same fate.

Mark is always looking for gainful employment and just recently finished a gig as a contractor doing HL7 work for the Ohio Department of health. Follow this link to learn more about the only boy and "heir" to the Broge name.

By the way, 'those things in my mouth' are party favors.

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