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Everyone has a page full of tips and tricks. I'm no different (well, yes I am, but let's not go there). In this section of the site I have made an attempt to collect my tips, tricks, hacks, and everything else that relates to computing.

The tips you'll find here are the same ones I use in practice. They're organized by topic - for example, the Windows NT family, which includes NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP (Home and Pro).

One last thing. I highly recommend that you learn how to do two things if you're working with a computer: learn how to search the internet , and find a few good resources on the 'net that you can refer back to. Help abounds on the world wide web for those who seek it. Some things might be written in geek-speak, but there are also a lot of good resources.

About me...I am a moderator at Woody's Lounge, a peer-to-peer self-help website that I strongly recommend. A great bunch of people, and one of the best resources for figuring out all things computer related. Go ahead, check it out and sign in! In the Lounge, you can find me under the user name WyllyWylly.

A final thought before you go out tweaking merrily away: always, always, always back up anything before you change it. I cannot stress this enough. If you are going to edit a file, make a copy of it first. Backing up files in Windows is as simple as dragging them with the right mouse button held down and choosing "copy." If you are going to edit the Windows registry, back it up. This does not guarantee that you will always be able to recover from a mistake or edit gone awry, but it does significantly increase your chances of survival - and you will probably pull out less hair too.

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