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I have collected a series of video clips. Here they are for you to purview, laugh at, be amazed by... whatever your reaction is. Almost all of these were collected in emails that were sent to me.

RANT: don't send people video clips by email unless you ask them first; even if they have a high speed Internet connection it can take a while to download. It's pretty rude to slam someone with a huge download that they didn't ask for. Hence, this section -- you can link to the videos here all you like and keep them out of people's inboxes.

I am going to add that I am not aware of anything copyrighted in this section. If, by chance, I am incorrect, please let me know and I will gladly removed it. Keep in mind that I will require proof first.

For now this is a work in progress; I will try to add captions and thumbnail views as quickly as time permits. Bear with me OK?


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