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Internet Security, Chat and FTP

Whatever you need for the Internet, take a look below.  Get a firewall to protect yourself against the deviants of the world, find a chat client to talk to your friends with (cough Trillian cough).  As with all things, the Internet is a changing place, so come back once in a while to see if anything new and exciting has appeared.

How to Get It and What it Does
ALL DeadAim
Stops those annoying ad banners in AOL Instant Messenger.  AIM actually isn't too bad to use with this little tool.
ALL Trillian
Trillian is the answer to your chatting woes if you have friends on AIM, Microsoft Messenger, and Yahoo.  Let's not forget IRC and the venerable ICQ.  Not only does it connect to all these mediums, but it's fully skinnable, and supports a TON of features.  Freeware - but it was so good I donated!


There is also a Pro version - and believe me, the plug-ins alone make it worth ponying up for.  Since I was an early donater, this copy was gratis - how's that for cool?

ALL ZoneAlarm
A popular firewall.  The free version does everything the average person needs.  There's a for-fee Pro version, which is even better.  For XP users, disable the built-in firewall and go with this - much easier to understand and configure.
ALL Agnitum Outpost Firewall
I am not happy with ZoneAlarm 3's User Interface, and I have had some stability issues with it under Windows 2000 and XP.  Like ZoneAlarm, there is a free and a fee version.


I was using Outpost until I discovered a bug that crops up with high speed connections.  It's hard to find documentation on this problem and even harder to fix, although searching for "memory leak" at Agnitum's website will turn up the answer.


This little firewall is kinda ugly and not real easy to use, but I like the rules that it allows you to create.  I think it will eventually mature a bit and it's been very, very stable where ZA was not.


ALL Sygate Personal Firewall PRO
Not as pretty as ZoneAlarm.  Not quite as buggy as Agnitum.  This is my new choice despite the fact that it's hard to understand some of the settings - but let's face it folks, this is nitty gritty stuff and making it sound easy isn't, erm, that easy to do.
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